Global Ambassadors

Global Ambassadors during the field trip to Washington DC, March 2023

 Global Ambassadors is a professional development program offering mentoring, extracurricular and international experiential learning designed for students interested in careers with international service organizations, including the civil service and Foreign Service. This program creates opportunities for interactions between the students and foreign service officers, civil servants, diplomats, and distinguished professionals in internationally-oriented organizations working on global challenges.

Throughout the year, students learn about foreign policy, foreign service, and its challenges and opportunities. They participate in advising, mentoring, and discussion sessions, interact with former and current foreign service officers. The program is directed by Dr. Max Kovalov, the Bennett Director of the Mroz Global Leadership Institute.

Application Process

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2023 Field Trip to Washington DC

On March 6-10, 2023 Global Ambassadors along with Mroz Institute Director Dr. Max Kovalov and Mroz Institute Steering Committee member Dr. Beatriz Maldonado spent a week in Washington, D.C. During the spring break field trip, the students visited embassies, international organizations, think-tanks, namely the following organizations:

  • The Germany Embassy
  • EU Delegation to the US
  • National Endowment for Democracy
  • Stimson Center 
  • National Guard Bureau and the Pentagon
  • The White House

Discussion about careers in think-tanks with Brian Finlay and his team at Stimson Center

Global Ambassadors at the White House

Visiting the National Guard Bureau at the Pentagon for a discussion about State Partnerships

Global Ambassadors’ visit to the National Endowment for Democracy

At the EU Delegation to the US during a meeting with CofC Alum Deniz Houston

Meeting with Admiral Axel Ristau, Defense and Navy Attache at the German Embassy

Cultural immersion at Uyghur Restaurant

Visiting Einstein Memorial at the National Mall

Visiting Einstein Memorial at the National Mall

Visiting Einstein Memorial at the National Mall

Visiting Einstein Memorial at the National Mall

At Ethiopian restaurant