Global Ambassadors

Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Global Ambassadors is an academic enhancement program offering mentoring, extracurricular and international experiential learning designed for students interested in careers in international service organizations, including the Foreign Service. This program will create meaningful interaction between the students and distinguished professionals in such organizations who are working on global questions and challenges.

The program will be directed by Dr. Max Kovalov, the Bennett Director of the Mroz Global Leadership Institute.  He will meet regularly with the students and create appropriate learning opportunities, such as presenting materials appropriate for an introduction to the career interest, setting up and participating in advising and discussion sessions, arranging interactions with other eminent professionals, and assisting the student ambassadors in executing projects on a global challenge.





  • Up to 8 students will be selected for the duration of the program, which will run for two semesters (typically fall and spring). Students may apply after their first two semesters on campus, but some preference will be given to students who will be a Global Ambassador in their third or fourth year at the College. Participants will not be restricted by major.
  • For consideration for the program, students should submit: a resume; a personal statement describing their achievements to date at the College, as well as interest in the program and goals for participation (1-2 pages); 2-3 references from faculty. Students must have at minimum an overall GPA of 3.25.


  • Fall semester. Regular meetings during the first semester of the program, including advising, mentoring, and discussion sessions with the Director and guest speakers. Students will enroll for an independent study or experiential learning (1 credit hour) in their major or in International Studies.
  • Spring semester. The second semester of the program will consist of consultations with the Director and an independent project on a global issue (e.g., written research; service learning; internship; performance). Students will enroll with the approval of the Director and the Chair/Director of their major department in an independent study or experiential learning (2 credit hours) in their major or in International Studies.
  • During Spring Break students will travel with the Director to Washington DC where they will participate in special programming, such as visits to think-tanks, NGOs, and service organizations. The cohorts will also take in the sites in Washington DC. This trip will be paid for by the program, provided satisfactory ¬†performance in the program.
  • Guest presentations by and strategic interactions with experienced leaders in international service. Participants will attend lectures associated with the Mroz Institute World Affairs Colloquium and other programs with guest speakers.
  • Global Ambassadors will receive a complementary membership in the World Affairs Council of Charleston (WACC) and will attend monthly meetings with guest speakers. See the list of previous programs organized by the WACC:

Application Deadline: April 1, 2021

Student Application Form

Faculty Reference Form


Dr. Kovalov, Visiting Assistant Professor of International Studies,

Bennett Director of the Mroz Global Leadership Institute